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The Michigan Gutter Man team are highly trained professionals who specialize in gutters. Our headquarters is based in Macomb Michigan and we operate all across the tri-county area of southeast Michigan. Were not happy unless you are! Our company’s number #1 goal is customer satisfaction. If for any reason our work wasn’t done right we come back and fix it for free! When you call us you can expect prompt service and a licensed contractor to be on site to ensure a quality job.

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We are Michigan’s #1 and trusted gutter installation company. When it comes to shielding your home from water, your gutters are the first line of defense. We only use the highest quality and toughest materials made to withstand decades of nature’s worst. When your gutters are not performing efficiently, water and other debris can clog and flood your system, causing problems with your home, including foundation damage, basement flooding, soil erosion, and more. Gutters and gutter guards are not usually a top priority for homeowners, until these problems arise.

5″ Residential Grade

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When it comes to large buildings, rain gutters have more demanding requirements than residential gutters since huge structures need stronger materials and bigger sizes to ensure the efficient runoff water management, especially in rainy seasons. Since commercial buildings are normally have a larger roof area they require the larger six-inch size gutter to handle the extra run off. Some commercial gutters and downspouts need to meet some legal or building standards, depending on the city or county and our trained gutter specialists are ready to help.

6″ Commercial Grade




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